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In our campus ministry, you will find students who are dreamers, realists, ambivalent, disenfranchised, passionate and just plain tired.  We are all learning what it means to passionately live out the teachings of the Bible while seeking the reign of God in our lives.  We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and tells us how the world really is and shows us what kind of life really works.  When it comes to following Jesus, we want to live out of not only what we have heard Him say but also what we have seen Him do in our world and our lives.

You can find more information, events, and where we are by visiting our website.  

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Christian Student Center

Because of our commitment to college students, we operate the Christian Student Center. At the CSC we have facilities for large gatherings, small groups, basketball and volleyball. Beyond activities at the CSC, we offer small group Bible studies, weekend retreats, summer mission trips, evangelism training, and many other opportunities for spiritual growth and friendship.