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Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)

Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) is a children’s program we participate in each year. It is an opportunity to help train our children to become leaders in the Lord's church by training them in different areas of interest. There are several events that we have the opportunity to participate in.

Majority of events are done individually, but there are team events as well. Events are divided into catergories (Preconvention, Challenge, Display, and Convention). 

Some of these events take place at the actual convention that is held each Easter Weekend in Mobile, AL. Registration happens early (Jan-Feb) so that we are able to acquire hotel rooms; find coaches and have some training time before we go to the convention. The convention itself is a time to "show off" what we have learned – the true goal is the training, and we work on that year round. Our focus changes to different events as the convention draws near.

Jan Talkington can answer any questions you may have.

We are currently looking for a team of adults to take the leadership role for all events. Please contact Jan Talkington, Becky Knighten, or Debbie Tudor if you can help in this area.