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Since 1983 our congregation has been active in the Latin American community. Our mission is To Know Christ and to make HIM known ( Conocer a Cristo y darle a conocer ). God first opened the door for us through the Latin American students at Louisiana State University. Since that time our ministry has greatly expanded.

Our goal is to take advantage of the synergy available by functioning as a ministry of South Baton Rouge Church of Christ rather than forming a separate Hispanic congregation. For Latin Americans who are not bi-lingual we offer a simultaneous translation of the worship service each Sunday morning. During the Sunday School class period we offer an adult class in Spanish. All children, teenagers, and college age youth are encouraged to attend the classes available to them in English.

Camp Smiley

We strongly believe in the benefits of Christian camping. Camp Smiley provides an excellent opportunity for our children to interact with each other, learn sports, learn sportsmanship, learn the Bible, learn from Christian examples, etc..

For that reason our ministry sponsors any Latin American child ( grade 4 through grade 12) who desires to attend camp. This offer is extended both to members and nonmembers of our church.


Our Spanish Ministry is very involved in the Latin American mission efforts. We have former members of our ministry who have returned to their home. We consider them to be our misionaries!....our ambassadors!

As American missionaries are sent to Latin America it is only natural for the Latin Americans of our congregation to be one of the primary links between the two congregations. Frequently the Spanish ministry has been involved in campaigns and visits to help in the missionary efforts.

Prayer Team

Prayer Works! HOPE is given to many because of prayer. In addition to the personal commitment that each of us has made to prayer, we’ve formed a prayer team! Members of our ministry have committed to daily pray for:

  • ministry members
  • those searching for Jesus in the Latin American community
  • missionaries
  • church leaders

Benevolence Fund

A benevolence fund has been established to help meet the needs of both members and non-members.